Michelle Lily was born in New York City. Weighing only 2lbs. 3oz and born at only 5 months, she came into this world with the will to survive, to be strong, and to win; and that is exactly what she did. She immedi-ately shocked the world around her at a young age, with a strong voice for a little girl, a natural sense of rhythm and the desire to stand in the spotlight.

At the age of 15, Michelle signed her first contract with Jennifer Remirez of LYFE Productionz, known for her works with Justin Timberlake and many other artists as resident producer/sound engineer at “Diddy’s House Studio”, of rapper Puff Daddy. Beginning to do showcases and even participating in various TV shows, Michelle was on the road to stardom. She continued on to study with vocal coach Andrea Martin, of Sony Records, known internationally for her work with Tony Braxton, Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis. Michelle’s road continues on to Nubreed Music Group, owned by ex-A&R of Motown Universal, where she recorded songs for various compilations with other well-known artists from the New York hip-hop scene, and even dabbed into the world of fashion and became one of the co-faces for Nokia’s campaign in The Middle East and Europe. Michelle has featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, has been on the cover of the New York press and has even been featured on the morning news at WB11, to name a few.

In 2009, One day before her 21st birthday, Michelle leaves home in New York and moves to Italy to pro-duce her first solo album The Real Me with Mondo Records, which led her to collaborate with some of the most important artists in the Italian Hip-Hop scene like Two Fingerz, Nesli, Mondo Marcio, Max Brigante & Francesco Facchinetti. Michelle made herself known and recognized especially with her debut single “Summer Love” and through her weekly appearances on the show Open Mic on Hip Hop TV.

Michelle Lily, after having finished her The Real Me tour, decides to explore other music worlds. She lends her voice to one of the most important projects in Italy; that of Rezophonic for AMREF Italy, creating water wells for children in Africa, together with over 100 notable Italian artists like Mario Riso, Enrico Ruggieri, Caparezza, Negramaro & Roy Paci. Michelle then decides to explore even the world of dance, collaborating with different artists like Adam Clay, Simone Farina & KROS for the hit song “Feel Alright” and Mauro del Principe, Matteo Mascioli & Dr. Feelx for the song “Crazy Love”. With “feel Alright” Michelle has been featured on over 40 dance compilations throughout the world from Ibiza, to Dubai and Formentera. She has been featured on the official Abercrombie playlist worldwide for the month of April 2012, and has even reached #1 on the charts in Russia. The song “Crazy Love” has been featured on the official playlist of Footlocker for the month of November 2012, and its’ official video has reached even the big-screens, playing in all Footlocker stores in Europe.

Michelle solidifies her spot as a solo artist, with her rare gift; her voice. Michelle became the official female voice of Radio RDS of Italy and continues to hold the title. Also, Her second album Transparent, rich of artistic growth, catchy hooks and important collaborations, received great responses from the public, along with it’s first single, “It’s Gotta Be Love” feat. Terron Fabio, the iconic voice from the Italian group Sud Sound System. She then makes her debut singing in Italian, in April 2013, on the track entitled “A Meno Di Te” in the new album of rapper Dargen D’amico, released with Universal Italy and put out a hit summer single called “Girls Girls Girls” feat. LaMiss, exclusively released with Max-Gazzetta. The hype led her to book some of her biggest tour dates yet. Michelle performed in some of the most important events the year, for some of Italy’s top networks such as Rai, MotoGP and HipHopTv, in collaboration with top brands such as Pepsi and Puma.

In 2014, Michelle’s goal is to expand her brand and become more International, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. She was featured on the Spankers album exclusively in Japan, on the track Fly Away, which shot up to number 4 on the iTunes charts.

On June 7th 2014, Michelle was invited to be a guest on the show “Chiambretti Supermarket”, one of Italy’s most popular and influential talk shows produced by Piero Chiambretti. She was interviewed as a guest of honor, to present along-with Giulio Gipponi, Italy’s director of Playboy, her 6 page editorial spread in the new version of Italian Playboy (June’s issue number 53, where she talks about all of her various experiences as a singer and pop-star in Italy.

In November of 2014, Michelle Lily teams up with XFACTOR Italy and works along-side the two semifinal-ists, Lorenzo Fragola and Illaria on their new singles performed and showcased during the show. Michelle is seen in the episode of the semi-finale along side one of the judges Victoria Cabello while in the studio working on Illaria’s track entitled, “My Name”, but the hit single “The Reason Why” also co-written with Michelle is the winner! Lorenzo wins XFACTOR 8 and the single becomes double platinum after just a few weeks.

In March of 2015, Michelle is a “Victim” and is hilariously pranked during an episode of “Uomo Nudo” in the Italian hit show “Le Iene”. At the moment, Michelle was traumatised, by later realised the situation is almost a compliment; to be pranked on national television is a sign of notoriety. After years of hard work, Michelle has finally reached a notable level of fame.

In the summers of 2015 & 2016 Michelle Lily stuns once again, making two hit singles. “Me Ne Voglio Andare” alongside Italian Rapper CeceMc & Spankers, hits record breaking numbers becoming the official “IT” song for all Club and Radio DJ’s in Formentera and Ibiza, Spain. Then in the summer of 2016, “Want It” in collaboration with DJ Francesco Galli gets lots of attention in Italy, and gets picked up by more than 100 radio stations in Italy to then making it’s way to the club scene and even gets signed to be the official song of Pitbull Energy Drink’s campaign along with Michelle Lily herself, becoming the brand’s official campaign face.

Now, Michelle Lily has done it again! Ready to stun, she has returned to her roots in New York City and is preparing her largest release to date. She is currently working on various important projects to be released in 2016 and 2017 world-wide!